Downers Grove Community Advocates Village Council Candidate Meeting

DGCA held their caucus Sunday.  About 16 people showed up to hear three of the four candidates answer questions and give a bit of info on themselves.  Jim Norris took a pass.  You may not blame him, as he was an outsider from the word go:

  • Marylin Schnell was a protege of Advocate member and former mayor Betty Cheever
  • William Waldack was endorsed by the DGCA four years ago and probably gave the best of three good presentations
  • Bob Barnett was an Advocate in the past.

Still, there were 16 people there who didn’t know Jim Norris from Adam, and still don’t.  To boot, this year it had been intimated that Advocates would post the audios of all presentations, not just the endorsed candidates.

There’s got to be a better way to do these kinds of things.

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8 Responses to “Downers Grove Community Advocates Village Council Candidate Meeting”

  1. Alien Says:

    Whats the deal with all these caucuses endorsing these guys and those guys?

  2. John Schofield Says:

    Mayor Sandack’s email has a curious opening, “Bob Barnett along with Marilyn Schnell, Bill Waldack and James Norris….” I’m not sure why Mr. Barnett is singled out in the opening, and also the closing.

  3. markthoman Says:

    Bob was Ron’s campaign manager two years ago, and the two remain on good terms with each other, so the composition seems natural to me. Although Ron said anyone could chop up his email any way they wish, I just put it up as is, which is my usual preference; as is, or not at all.

    The important part is getting people there, so they can hear for themselves and decide for themselves, and even follow up with the candidates themselves if they have any further questions. I intend on doing just that.

  4. Cliff Grammich Says:

    “about” 16, Mark?

    What would you suggest as “a better way to do these kinds of things”?

    One possibly better way I’m somewhat surprised hasn’t developed more: use of the web. So I do hope the Advocates post the audios at least of the participating candidates. Among the four council candidates, I can find web pages for only two, Schnell and Waldack, the incumbents. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places for Barnett and Norris. Yet even the incumbents’ web pages don’t appear to have been updated in a while (with references to an election day of Tuesday, April 5th–which was in 2005).

  5. Mark Thoman Says:

    I ran some ideas by some people. The basic problem is once you get past the LOWV and the Chamber of Commerce these groups are endorsing, implying that those not endorsed are somehow lacking to the task, when what they are lacking is sufficient backing amongst the small group of residents who are concerned enough (is that a safe enough way to put it?) to go through the trouble and effort to put on the meeting.

  6. Cliff Grammich Says:

    “concerned enough”? Yeah, I suppose that’s one way to put it. Or one might also say “energetic enough.”

    The thing that floors me about concern over the Stonecut . . . er, I mean, the Advocates (of whom, for the record, I note I’ve never been a part), is that nobody is stopping any other caucus or organization from forming. For that matter, will DGWatch be having its own forum? If so, then I might like to hear that as well.

    And while it is easy to overestimate the potential of the Web (not to mention, for better or worse, actual or even latent interest in local affairs), a candidate web page and e-mail list and other related tools would still seem to offer new, and easier, ways to reach and engage voters. Although I don’t know how many “Tweets” I’d tolerate from any candidate . . .

  7. markthoman Says:

    Let. It. Go. If you can’t, you can’t post here. Enough. I have at least two IP addresses now blocked.

  8. Cliff Grammich Says:

    And I see all four candidates now have websites. Gosh, ain’t we influential (har har)?

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