Shoving It Under Our Noses

Anyone can watch at any time.

Anyone can watch at any time.

Click on the picture at the left, or click on the link. Mundelein is a relative newbie when it comes to transparency. They keep the last four council meetings on line so people can watch them.  It’s crude, it’s sometimes rude, and it’s convenient as all get out.

DG’s various government entities are so far behind the curve it’s laughable.

Hinsdale has been providing streaming videos of council meetings since June 5, 2007, over a year and a half agoI just perused that meeting to make sure it was still up and available.  No problem.

Storage is cheap, the capability in terms of personnel skill sets exists, the websites are there, and the cost of implementation is low.  If I can learn from a high school student how to post videos here that are two hours long (I did) there’s really no excuse any longer for our taxing bodies not to do it.

Yeah but we have audio for village council meetings?  The podcasting is a great idea, having the audio is a great idea.  Time to build on that and move it all forward, not just for council, but for all local taxing bodies.

One of the main reasons I support this and advocate for this is to open up the information highway by removing any gates to finding and understanding how our local taxing bodies operate.  I think it’s a key to wider participation.  Village council meetings are the best so far: almost verbatim minutes, audio archives, agenda documents are all on-line, so adding streaming video is a small further step.  School board agendas are cryptically brief, minutes are neither verbatim or complete, it’s a rare audio or video recording that exists in the public domain.  Park District board meetings fall in between.  Providing streaming videos on demand should create a gate to wider knowledge and understanding of the consist of the various boards and how they interact, and how they operate and cooperate-or how they don’t.

Which brings us back to streaming videos of taxing body meetings.  Reading accurate minutes would be a step in the right direction.  Hearing how those words are spoken adds nuance and furthers understanding, seeing the process as it unfolds gives every taxpayer (and by extension, every voter), access into process, actions, and intent.

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