Downers Grove Unemployment Rate

Knock on wood…

Downers Grove has an unemployment rate of 2.8%, compared the national average of 5.8%. According to Downers Grove Trends data, the number of Downers Grove, Illinois jobs has increased by 14% since June 2007.



This is what I get for finding a simple graph.  I get forwarded the raw Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) data for 2008.  It’s more accurate, but it’s not a simple graph.  Dang it…

Hey Mark,

I was glancing at your blog today and noted some potential inconsistencies with state data.  I believe the website you are using shows the percentage of “matching jobs” available to perspective employees within DG.  The numbers going down of late is an indication of less jobs available in DG now vs. then, which to me, is a really a sign of contraction and not job growth.

Red Fred

The unemployment rate in DG for 2008 spiked in July at 5.7% and has since declined at the EOY to 4.6%.  The state ended 08′ at 7.6%, the entire US at 7.2%.

Past that, Red seems to have the facts sorted out.  I did like that graph though…


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