Advocate Council Candidate Caucus Audios

DGCA has posted up the audios of the three council candidates who appeared at their meeting.

Listen to the audio recordings here.

That makes two groups, Advocates and DG Cares, that have make information they solicited from candidates available to anyone who wants to hear it.  Advocates will hold a similar meeting for PD candidates, and there is a separate group of Advocates (?) that has said they will be working the school board elections.  The League of Women Voters along with the Downers Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry will have their forum coming up, and usually the Firemen and Police rank and file send out questionnaires.  The LOWV/DGCOCAI is usually preceded by a written questionnaire that they post the answers to.  Hopefully they’ll continue that.

If all these groups to make their information publicly accessible as Advocates has done, any voter will have the chance to be a better informed voter.  If you have a question you’d like to ask candidates that you feel hasn’t been covered, post it over on DGreport and we’ll see how we can get an answer.

Now if the village will post up candidate spots on-line instead of on cable channel 6 a couple times…


2 Responses to “Advocate Council Candidate Caucus Audios”

  1. Tom C. Says:

    MT, In all do respect. Why if somebody has a question for the candidates do they have to post it on DGreport??? Why not simply ask the candidate themselves?

  2. markthoman Says:

    Valid point. The problem is most voters don’t think to ask the question. Public questions and public answers have inherent validity. You being able to read responses first-hand rather than rely on my shaky memory of a candidate’s answer is, I think, not a bad idea. And I’d like to hear first-hand what responses your question might elicit.

    Groups like Chamber of Commerce have published the full candidate responses to their questionnaires and that mainly dealt with business issues. They went further afield in their forum last time where you could fill out a question card and they sorted through them looking for well posed ones. This year will probably be the same. Newspapers publish fairly truncated responses to their questions. This year DG Cares and DGCA released the tapes on candidates, some endorsed, some not.

    It all helps better inform voters.

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