Bus Rider

Commuter Shuttle Ridership 2008

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Click on graph for larger version

Data is from monthly Village Statistical Reports.

2,009 riders took 6,003 rides in 2008, averaging 167 shuttle commuters per month.  In 2007 Council voted 5-2 to give the commuter shuttle four years to prove itself worth keeping, and in 2011 the four years runs out, and council will have the opportunity to vote again whether or not to continue the service.

In the meantime, the business community has started forwarding the idea of “reverse commuting”-getting workers from the train station to their jobs-via the shuttles as a potential benefit to attracting businesses to Downers Grove, in particular the large office complexes at Finley and Butterfield, and at 31st and Highland.

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4 Responses to “Bus Rider”

  1. Alien Says:

    Does 167 riders a month translate into less than 10 riders a day? Or does that mean 6,003 trips equals 23 trips per day. That seems low.

  2. markthoman Says:

    I beleive that means 167 unique commuters use the shuttle each month. Worth double checking.

  3. DGDAD Says:

    Either way, not worth the $350k per year or $30k/month in subsidy by our taxpayers…Thoman does my math do me right? $2000 per rider per month? wouldn’t a door to door cab service be cheaper?

  4. markthoman Says:

    Shuttle gross cost to the village per ride of $68.63.
    Shuttle net cost to the village per ride of $66.63.
    That pretty much sums it up. Individual limos would be cheaper.

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