X Chords

mastheadOldest son checks in:

We are proud to announce that we received 1st Place at the ICCA quarterfinal round held at Missouri State University! This advances us to the Midwest Semifinals which will be held Saturday, March 14th at Northwestern University. Additionally, Kellen was awarded Best Arrangement for “Viva La Vida” and Ed was awarded Best Vocal Percussion while Brian recieved Best Soloist both for “Anna Molly”!

We had a great time and had the privilege of watching many talented groups. Also, thanks to all those who attended the concert–it was exciting performing for such a great crowd!

The University of Illinois a capella group The Xtension Chords (known as the X Chords) will compete Saturday march 14th in the midwest ICCA semi finals at Northwestern University. My son Brian is in the group, as is Phil and Paula Vettel’s son Ed. Brian went to DGS, Ed went to DGN; both sides of town are represented by this very talented, funny group. The X Chords are not supported by the U of I, they are mostly not music majors; they just like to sing, are good at it, and enjoy it.

Credit our schools here in DG for instilling a love of fine arts in more than just Ed and Brian.


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