RLC: Schaumburg Pulls Plug on $1 Million Camera

Shoppers going elsewhere to avoid ticket trap?

Hat tip to dgombudsman on this story that broke late last night. 

Read the whole article and reader responses here.

(Schaumburg) the village recently decided to deactivate the camera, saying it wasn’t improving safety that much anyway.

“We want to be as friendly to customers as we are to villagers, and continuing to enforce the right turn on red when it wasn’t doing anything to improve public safety didn’t make sense,” said Village Manager Ken Fritz.

Red Speed’s response?

“The fact that they did issue so many violations indicates that they do have a problem,” said Red Speed spokeswoman Debra Beerup, adding that the village is considering installing cameras at several more intersections.

Yeah, the problem was the RLC weren’t improving safety.  They didn’t have a significant number of accidents here to begin with here, actually ZERO right turn accidents, and generated big money.

Expect RedSpeed to ignore the facts and crow about how successful RLC are at this intersection-without bothering to do any meaningful long term studies.


2 Responses to “RLC: Schaumburg Pulls Plug on $1 Million Camera”

  1. dgombudsman Says:

    Wait until this area (DG, Westmont, Lisle, Darien, Lombard) start to get them installed and going. You thought the spas on Ogden was a hot topic!!??? Cass and Chicago are first in Westmont. 31st and Highland next?

    You just watch. The council/village staff/police will get an ear full.

  2. DGDAD Says:

    I was at Cass and Chicago last nite…the camera was snapping (you can see the flash). It shot everyone who “rolled” on right on red, instead of stopping, and it shot those blowing thru on what a appeared to be a verrrrry late yellow.

    if those drivers should not be ticketed then, why have the laws. get rid of the right on red laws and get rid of blowing a traffic light laws.

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