RLC: The Second Front Updated

Gimme more...

Gimme more...

Red Light Cameras have greased the skids (made the pay to play payments to pols of both parties) for the second wave of assault on taxpayers in Illinois.

How’s this for spinning reality. Under the proposed Illinois law, speeding tickets issued by automated surveillance would be treated as non-moving offenses, like parking tickets and red-light violations, and convictions or guilty pleas would not go on drivers’ records, officials said.

Read the Trib story here.

So what used to be a moving offense for moving too fast, is now a non-moving offense.  Orwell spins in his grave.  It gets even worse.

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The Buses Again, Again

The clock is running.

Tuesday Commissioner Waldack made a presentation to council on how expanding our shuttle use would lower the cost to the village.  It was a creative look, and it actually would work with a couple if’s, the biggest being if the county continues it’s portion of the grants. By expanding the shuttle, it opens up access to grant money for up to 87.5% of the 2010 operating cost of the system (up from the current 10% PACE grant), which would actually lower the cost of the system to below what the smaller, commuter only service costs us now.

The rest of council was grasping for ways to say not so fast.

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COD Trustee Forum

dupage_1Nowak, Fernandez, Giorno, Ledonne, McKinnon, O’Donnell, Wehr all no shows;  Jeffery Handel, Sandy Kim, Matthew Nelson, Kim Savage, Nancy Svoboda, and Tom Wendorf all take the pledge.

Okay right from the start let’s get this out in the open, this non-partisan election is hardly non-partisan, and neither am I.  See my other post on the background here, or just google “COD trustee fight” as a jump off point.

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The Buses Again

A vote on the fate of the Commuter Shuttle is two years away.  Is participation in the county public transportation circulator the hot topic now?

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The Planners Progress Continues

Simple is better.

Intricate and arcane permit fees?  After meetings held with builders, architects, and the Chamber of Commerce, after extensive analysis by the Community Development, CD Director Tom Dabareiner proposes to junk them and replace them with simple, easy to understand fees.

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Preservation Plan Moves to Council

Drew House, the first home accorded historical recognition by council.

Drew House, the first home accorded historical landmark recognition by council.

At Tuesday’s workshop another step in the long process of crafting a historical preservation component to DG will, hopefully, be taken.  I can’t imagine that any council member would object to efforts leading to preserving and enhancing our history as exemplified by our buildings that have historical significance.

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New Police Facility Up For Discussion

current-site-3Staff recommends design and build in next 3-5 years depending on economy.

On Tuesday staff will ask council to discuss allowing staff to move forward on one part of the proposed civic center needs, that of the Police Department.

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