Red Meat on Durkin’s Plate?

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Sean Durkin is the only current council member who has consistently and steadfastly voted against the commuter shuttles.  This week council will review and renew the Village of Downers Grove 2009 Transit Grant Agreement with PACE as a part of the consent agenda.



The resolution neatly summarizes the state of the shuttle:  $101,000 in projected revenues, $50,000 in PACE grants, and $345,000 in village funds evens out the estimated $504,000 the village thinks it will cost to run the shuttle system for 2009.  That seems expensive.

Fiscal Hawk

Fiscal Hawk?

Durkin made no comment last week on the resolution, but he has made himself something of a fiscal watchdog on non-essential needs and services that are a net fiscal drain on the village budget.  Although consent agenda items are generally approved as a group, don’t be surprised if Durkin takes a moment to again express his opposition to, and displeasure with, the current state of the shuttle system.


March 1, 2009 at 03:26 pm edit

Either way, not worth the $350k per year or $30k/month in subsidy by our taxpayers…Thoman does my math do me right? $2000 per rider per month? wouldn’t a door to door cab service be cheaper?

Shuttle gross cost to the village per ride of $65.63.
Shuttle net cost to the village per ride of $57.14.

That pretty much sums it up.  Individual limos would be cheaper.  The cost of the shuttle system was supposed to plummet with the new vehicles, but unless something changes that does not appear to be the case.

UPDATE:  The numbers on the green sheets were incorrect.  Staff went to great pains to inform council the correct budget figures.  I had thought the total breakout was supposed to work something like this:

Total expenses $200,000 (approx)
PACE Grant    $50,000
Ticket revenue  $100,000 (approx)
balance from village $50,000

Which is indeed the case, but on the background sheets staff simply copied over PACE’s numbers from the last year of the old buses.

Maintainance costs should drop about $10,000/month for starters.  How does 167 riders per month translate into 6,003 annual rides?  36 per rider per month…but when you divide that 6,003 rides into $345,000, you get this whopper of a figure.

Chad and I massaged the figures last year and came out with between $4.25 and $6.15/ride or something like that.

It remains to be seen what PACE will do with the circulator task force study, and what the DG study committee will report back to council with.  As it stands, PACE may be willing to pony up considerably more funds for DG because of the shuttles, the shuttles could be a plus factor getting commuters from the train stations to the big office complexes on the north side.  Right now, all the above-and $2-will get you a cup of coffee shuttle ride.

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