RLC: Mississippi Joining The Backlash?

Run out of another state?

Being run out of yet another state...

Illinois, fast sinking to the top of the list as most politically corrupt state, continues to expand the opportunity for red light cameras to compromise driver safety in the name of “revenue enhancement”.

Mississippi looks to join the growing list of states that are outright banning red light cameras:

Upon (Gov. Haley) Barbour’s signature, Mississippi would join Alaska, Arkansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin which have also banned automated citations through judicial or legislative action. A similar ban passed the Montana state House of Representatives last month and currently awaits Senate action. An attempt to ban cameras in Missouri ran into a roadblock in a state Senate committee.

Read the whole article here. Apparently, the fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights still exists in some parts of the country.  Not here.

In Georgia, the General Assembly passed a law requiring intersections with red light cameras to have their yellow lights timed one second longer than the minimum national standard.

The result?  Traffic violations have almost disappeared, tickets dropping in some cases 80%, and the cameras are causing municipalities to lose money.


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