TCD3 Kicks Off

The first meeting for TCD3 was held last night at the South High School cafeteria.  About 90 people (est.) took part the 2+ hour meeting that ran similar to some of the past Citizen Summit meetings.  The purpose here was a bit different in that those meetings fed into the Strategic Plan, and this meeting was the first resident-centric discussion of what was important to Downers Grove as part of how we move forward as a community.

Personally I was hoping for a higher turnout, although overall it was a good meeting.  The HL folks were impressed by the 749 surveys that were filled out; a number, given the size of our community, that was far larger than they expected.  You can still fill one out here. The recurring themes of the surveys reinforced what most of us know: we like DG because of the neighborhoods (and neighbors), the good schools, the convenient train stations and transportation.  What astounded them was that 96% of respondents were either satisfied, or very satisfied with DG overall, as opposed to dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.  I’m pretty sure I got those numbers right, but if not I’ll update them.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

There will be more meetings, and the times and places will be published on the TCD3 website.  In particular for residents, there will be four neighborhood focus meetings for the four main bands of the town (not bands like Night Ranger or ZZ Top, bands like swaths of the village running east to west).  Note that I changed this copy to reflect the correct bands.

If you belong to a group you can also schedule a meeting for your group, and input your own reports and information.  Your group will be able to identify the top five issues your group feels DG is facing now, or will face in the future, and suggest three concrete projects or action plans your group would like to see undertaken.

The details on this will be available on the TCD3 website shortly.

So get involved!  Tell your friends and get them involved too.  The more the better, and your input will make a difference.


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