College of DuPage Board of Trustees Candidate Forum at Etz Chaim

On Sunday March 22nd at 2:30PM DuPage United will be hosting a College of DuPage board candidate accountability forum at the Congregation Etz Chiam of DuPage County, 1710 South Highland Avenue in Lombard (between Roosevelt and Butterfield Roads).

All candidates running for the four positions have been invited, and there are a boatload of them. Usually there are only two openings for the seven member board elected at a time but due to resignations there will be four open positions.

All candidates run, at least in theory, unaffiliated, and since most voters don’t know the candidates it is hard to know how to vote. There are several fights brewing with the board that are clearly political, pitting Ds against Rs, faculty against board, with a notable outpouring of accusations, conjecture, innuendo, and misinformation that has resulted in charges and counter-charges that dwarf anything going on in DG proper.

The COD district is slightly larger than DuPage County. COD is supported by tuition and tax dollars from residents, and the Board of Trustees oversees an annual budget that in 2009 had over $331 million in expenses, $234 million in revenues, and a deficit of over $97 million.


This forum will be an opportunity to listen to the candidates and also to try and extract from them pledges to improve the college address the budget.

Come and learn so you can be an informed voter on April 7th.

UPDATED 3/12/2009

The more I read up on COD the worse it gets. I guess I can understand why you might, as a board member, want to be able to keep hate groups or even groups blacklisted by Homeland Security from coming onto campus and spreading their own peculiar versions of reality.  But should the board have final approval over, say, a professional nurse lecturer coming to COD? Or Carl Rove?  Markos Moulitsas Zuniga?  Steve McIntyre?  Where is the line drawn?

Here’s where the COD board, in particular Board Chair Michael McKinnon loses me: insisting on control over the student newspaper. Why does he want that control?  The Courier is not just writing things he doesn’t want to read, they write things he doesn’t want anyone to read.

OMG they’re writing about the problems COD has with the faculty not wanting their salaries published and the alleged grab ass and the lawsuits and the alleged character assassination and the three presidents in the last three years and their researching petition signatures…OMGOMG stop it! When someone questions why something that is happening at a public body in the public domain is made public, demeans and denigrates making that something public, it should be made public.  When a public taxing body doing the business of the public has something exposed and underlined and printed for all to see, something someone doesn’t want seen, and takes heat for making public records available to the widest possible public audience-it should be made public.

Keep up the good work Courier. Freedom of speech starts when the speaker decides to speak, not when someone else decides to let you speak.


3 Responses to “College of DuPage Board of Trustees Candidate Forum at Etz Chaim”

  1. markthoman Says:

    I can’t find many websites for candidates, but the Elmhurst League of Women Voters has a section for COD Trustee candidates where they sent out a questionnaire and published any responses. It looks like about half took a pass.

  2. Marge Says:

    COD Trustee Candidate Nancy Svoboda is a resident of Downers Grove.

    I have had a couple of long conversation with Nancy on her reasons for running and came away quite impressed. Nancy KNOWS COD.

    Did you know enrollment at COD is down, but at every other community college in the area the enrollment is up? That’s really troubling, especially in these tough economic times when we really need good, affordable choices for higher education.

    Thanks for putting her website link up MT!

  3. Ruth Rank Says:

    COD Trustee candidate Nancy Svoboda has some very important things to say about the current state of COD. Voters please take note. COD is at a critical juncture. The current board is plagued with toxic conflict. This conflict is taking energy away from delivering to the community the lifelong learning opportunities that are its intended mission. Among may other qualifications, Ms. Svoboda’s unique background in conflict resolution provide her with the skills necessary to tackle the challenges the board is currently facing. Her communication style is direct yet inviting and approachable. Her knowledge and experience in adult education is extensive.

    I have talked at length with this candidate about her vision for the college. It is realistic without supplanting innovation . Her vision faces fiscal and curricular challenges head on. Our community college is a reflection of our community. It reflects the value our community places on lifelong education. Please take the time to look at Ms. Svoboda’s outstanding qualifications. This is an important vote. It is our responsibility as citizens to ensure that affordable, quality education is accessible to the members of our community.

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