Preservation Plan Moves to Council

Drew House, the first home accorded historical recognition by council.

Drew House, the first home accorded historical landmark recognition by council.

At Tuesday’s workshop another step in the long process of crafting a historical preservation component to DG will, hopefully, be taken.  I can’t imagine that any council member would object to efforts leading to preserving and enhancing our history as exemplified by our buildings that have historical significance.

The Architectural Design and Review Board, chaired by Mike Davenport, and supported by Community Development Department staff, has put in a significant effort to get it right, and this resolution should be enacted the following week.

The report compiled by the ADRB and village staff is impressive.  It lays out a template for historical preservation, and also documents the current inventory of historical structures in Downers Grove.

The Sucher Blacksmith House

The Sucher Blacksmith House

There’s more than you think.  in addition to DG being home to a large inventory of Sears homes, DG still has homes standing from our founders like Downer, Curtiss, Blodgett, and Lyman, and many lesser known names like Gorman, McVean, Kiney, Lathrop, Prince and many others.  The Downers Grove Historical Society started a program many years ago of documenting Centennial Homes as homes of historical significance, and that information has also been incorporated into the survey.

The Carpenter home was the first Post Office and general Store in DG.

The Carpenter home was the first Post Office and General Store in DG.

Adopting the Historical Preservation Plan moves DG one step closer to becoming a Certified Local Government (CLG). The CLG program
means the village can be a partner in state and federal preservation activities.  The village has already sent the program in for review, and the state agency who certifies the program, the Illinois Historic
Preservation Agency, has confirmed the plan would meet the State’s requirements for the CLG program.

The benefits to DG:

  • Eligibility for matching grant funds to assist in the implementation of preservation programs
  • Review of National Register of Historic Places nominations
  • Resident eligibility in the Property Tax Assessment Freeze program
  • Technical assistance from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA).

The green sheets, report, and photos of existing historic structures are here.

2 Responses to “Preservation Plan Moves to Council”

  1. Martin Tully Says:

    Minor clarification:

    The Historic Preservation Ordinance was passed by Council quite a while ago. This is the historic preservation plan that will lead (hopefully) to DG becoming a certified local government community. Two different, albeit related, things. Both very good.

    • markthoman Says:

      The Village Council adopted the Historic Preservation Ordinance on July 3, 2007 with a goal for the Village to become a Certified Local Government (CLG) through the State’s program. I changed Ordinance out for Plan. Thanks for the correction, Martin!- MT

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