RLC: The Siren Call Of Cash

A tale of two cities.



Naperville: One intersection, two months, 1,906 violations (mostly right turn on red) at $100 each.  That’s $190,600.  30 tickets appealed, all denied.  Naperville’s master plan calls for RLC at 10-15 high traffic intersections.

The city’s red light photo enforcement vendor then conducted a detailed analysis of these four intersections that included a 16-hour violation field survey, a detailed review of crash history and feasibility of camera installation.

Schaumburg: One intersection, 10 weeks, 10,000 violations (mostly right turn on red) at $100 each.  That’s $1,000,000.  50 complaints.  Schaumburg has discontinued right turn camera program, but left in place cameras recording straight through red light running.

We want to be as friendly to customers as we are to villagers, and continuing to enforce the right turn on red when it wasn’t doing anything to improve public safety didn’t make sense,” said Village Manager Ken Fritz.


Illinois Reform Commission Final Report

irc-final-report-coverRequired reading.

“We have been troubled by learning that, in core areas governing ethics, Illinois’ laws and operations simply do not measure up.”

“…scandals that have brought down the last two governors leave little doubt that the system is broken.”

“Illinois has the largest unfunded pension liability of any state in the nation.”

“…(enforce) the existing (FOIA) statutes with renewed vigor by adopting a presumption in favor of full public access to information and documents; …make public documents readily and easily accessible to the public through the Internet and online databases without waiting for specific requests from the public.”

“We must also remember that democracy requires citizens to be persistent watchdogs of our government. In recent years, complacency in our watchfulness has emboldened those who would cheat their constituencies for personal benefit.”

The complete 97 page IRC final report is here…and it isn’t pretty.

The full Executive Summary is the first six pages.

DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: An Example?

It can’t happen here…right?


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Just a maybe example of what could go wrong.  This is based on a development proposal that was brought before council last October and was sent back to county as being opposed to by the village.  It was 24 town-homes on 2.75 acres right next to the village.

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MN to IL: Tollway Traffic Cameras FAIL

Another kind of camera fail... Interstate abuse.

Other states are banning red light cameras and the upcoming traffic speed cameras that IL has planned.  Paltry bribes campaign contributions have patiently been buying the needed votes here in IL to keep the gravy train rolling, preventing common sense from regaining a majority.  Minnesota may be dumb enough to elect a bad comedian as senator, but not dumb enough to buy into the flawed system that Illinois inflicts on it’s own citizen’s without their consent. 

If you’re keeping track, red light cameras fail, speed enforcement cameras fail, and now it’s shown that tollway cameras fail to do what the private money making companies say they do…unless the private camera companies say they make money for the camera company, which they most certainly do.

DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: T-01-09

Changing the rules.

Inspecting a potential WFH candidate?

T-01-09-Proposed Amendments to the DuPage County Zoning Ordinance relative to Workforce Development Housing (AWFH) Regulations (Request to Send to ZBA for Public Hearing) covers that zoning changes that Sandack and staff are alarmed (concerned?) about.  Downers Grove will word a resolution opposing the changes in the county zoning code this ordinance amendment proposes.  Lombard and Woodridge have already expressed their opposition.

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DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: NSP

Going into the real estates business.

DuPage County’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) pumps a one time federal payment of $5,176,438 into a program designed to “provide funding for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of the many foreclosed homes peppering the neighborhoods of DuPage County.  The county, at it’s discretion, can continue the program past the first year, and put additional funds into the program if it decides to.

At the federal level the NSP was initiated in September 2008 by the Bush administration to help stem the rising tide of home foreclosures.

$150,000 has been earmarked for homebuyer assistance.  That might be where the “workforce housing” idea comes from, helping defray the cost of housing so public employees can live near where they work.

$454,043 is earmarked for county personnel to administer the program.  Although the program is a one time payment, the program itself has a four year life span.

$950,000 is earmarked for rehabbing existing structures.  there is no detailed explanation of how this amount will be spent, but the NSP might have specific guidelines within it’s prodigious rules.

$3,558.796 is earmarked for acquisition.  That’s enough to buy maybe 15 homes, or maybe 60 acres of open land.

The Development Committee, chaired by Kyle Gilgis, vetted this item on April 14.  Ms. Gilgis is from District 3 here in Downers Grove.

A complete overview of the federal NSP program can be found here.

DG Stats

Average sale price down, number of homes sold way down.


Source: city-data.com

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