Trump Enterprises to DG: “We’re In!”

Ready to break ground?

Ready to break ground? Artist's rendering of proposed new downtown development.

Trump Enterprises development to also house new complete Civic Center.

I have to admit, I never saw this one coming…

In a surprise announcement made early today, Mayor Ron Sandack announced that village staff, working in coordination with the DG Chamber of Commerce and the DG Economic Development Corporation, have inked a deal with Trump Enterprises whereby Trump will pick up the tab for a complete new Civic Center.

In return, the village makes several key concessions to the controversial developer.

“This is by far the biggest feather in our cap to date, ” said EDC President Greg Bedelov.  “Keeping a lid on something this big, and having so many people to thank for their hard work, it’s hard to know where to begin,” he said, in deference to the combined marketing machine that has brought Sarah Lee, DeVry, and now it’s biggest project by far to Downers Grove.

Details include:

  • A new 70,000 square foot Police Department
  • Two  new parking garages adding 900 spaces for residents, village use, and commuters
  • A new 50,000 square foot Village Hall
  • A new House of Blues venue that will feature sit-down concert space, and a lower level resteraunt/small act venue, similar to downtown Chicago’s House of Blues in Marina Tower
"I'm in!"

"I'm in!"

The building will feature a 30 story 215 unit condo development featuring a mix of mid priced to luxury units priced from $120,000 for a studio unit, to $1.3 million for one of twelve 4 bedroom, 5 bath penthouse units that occupy the top 6 floors.

Also included, a four story hotel by Radisson Edwardian, thier first hotel outside their home base UK.

(Click for larger image.)

(Click for larger image.)

The site is bordered by Washington on the west side, and the building will ultimately occupy not only the current apartment and retail businesses located across the street from the post office, but also the entire current village site.  Phase I calls for the building and a 350 space parking garage to be built, along with a two lane underpass beneath the RR tracks.  Phase II adds a 550 space parking garage to occupy the current Police Department and parking lot space.  The remaining land area will be retained by the village for a future possible Phase III stormwater and open space project.

The development will be the tallest building outside of downtown Chicago and has the added distinction; “This fantastic project also creates a “no-fly” space above Downers Grove, which means no more airplanes buzzing our beautiful village,” Laura Crawford, President of the DG Chamber of Commerce said in the joint release. “And this will make our downtown all the easier to find, contributing to a healthy vibrant downtown where shops and businesses will want to locate.”

“The village has worked very closely with Mr. Trump and his organization to being a top quality development to Downers Grove.  We have been mindful of the precarious economic times we are in, and council has wisely supported this project with it’s substantial tax benefits,” Sandack said in the statement.

EDCPresident Greg Bedelov: "Trump's in!"

EDCPresident Greg Bedelov: "Trump's in!"

The project hinges on a “pay as you go” redevelopment agreement written by Village Manager Dave Fieldman, who declined to comment on the proceedings, deferring to business leaders and council officials.  The village will rebate back up to 50% of taxes and fees generated by the project, similar to other large projects that have brought business and jobs to DG.

“It’s a great way to start the month,” said Bedelov.  “We can use this success to help other negotiations that are in process that will bring Downers Grove jobs, revenue, and prosperity.”


14 Responses to “Trump Enterprises to DG: “We’re In!””

  1. Sara Bellum Says:

    This is fabulous! Just fabulous! WTG DG!

  2. Amanda B. Reckundwith Says:

    This project is completely out of the pale for Downers Grove. What are they thinking?

  3. Dan Druff Says:

    I knew Bedelov and Sandack from college we used to get in each others’ hair pretty regular. Good to see they’re both doing well.

  4. Smartin Dullee Says:

    The hard work by our mayor and EDC president have clearly left our village Head & Shoulders above the rest.

  5. John Schofield Says:

    Ok, seven no Trump, and that’s my final bid.

  6. Cheryl Wegner Says:

    Is this an April Fool’s joke?

    • markthoman Says:

      Yes. It is an April Fools joke. Not as good as Google’s admittedly, but it is a joke.

      The giveaway should have been Linda Kunze of the DG Downtown Management Group not being mentioned in the article…

  7. Earl McGuire Says:

    Not that my opinion matter, maybe it’s good that I moved out of Downers. Maybe Downers Grove should change its name to Developers’ Grove (that’s progress folks). Please tell me this is an April fool’s day joke.

  8. Cheryl Wegner Says:

    You did a thorough job of it Mark!

  9. Earl McGuire Says:

    Mark Thoman, I am not going to lie; you fooled me. That was a good one. You got this former resident sensitive bug geeked up for a few minutes. I was getting ready to contract the Hall of Justice and call for the activing up of the Open Land Association again.

    • markthoman Says:

      Thanks Earl and everyone who has checked in on this one. I got several “Don’t post this, but” emails, and a couple decent ideas for next year…

  10. Mar Garet Says:

    All that and still no pool??

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