House Democrats Block GOP Bid To Prevent Raises


Standing around waiting for their (our) money...


Every R and three D’s voted for the measure against the automatic raises.  The rest of the D’s held out their hands and said gimme gimme gimme.

Read the Trib story here.

Currently, state reps earn a base salary of $65,353 annually. They earn more for serving on leadership teams or as chairmen of various committees.  State Senators earn a bit more, $67,833 a year for what’s billed as a part-time job.  Senate legislative leaders will pull in close to $100,000.

This does not include perks.  IL lawmakers (and I use that term very loosly) are among the highest paid in the country.


7 Responses to “House Democrats Block GOP Bid To Prevent Raises”

  1. Red Fred Says:

    DGreport is jumping into the 99 cesspool. When you gonna put some skin in that? Haven’t you had enough? Crawl all over 58 and narey a word about 99.

    You were talking to MS after the TCD3 meeting at DGS. It didn’t sound like you and her were planning family vacations together.

    You scared or something?

    • Mark Thoman Says:

      You know, I’ve been sitting on this comment for over two hours. I saw it pop up as I was doing emails and updating some posts I has started. I was sorely tempted to just let it go, but I have a history of letting you get on my case, so why not now.

      Scared? I’m tempted to blurt out that’s a bunch of BS, but you know, I’ve seen three 99 elections, and two village elections skewed by questionable campaign tactics, and I think; if I ever do run for anything ever again, would I be a target? Yeah, today that gives me pause.

      DgDood always maintained I had already been singled out when I did run because I wasn’t safe, wasn’t committed to one of the two sides, wasn’t a BK guy or an RS guy. I thought that was a good thing. Shows what I know.

      I have a lot of mixed feeling about how 99 incumbents Schroeder and Beckman relentlessly made the 99 election about Boyle’s lawsuit instead of about who could do a good job, and I was disappointed especially by Ms. Beckman, who to me has always been gracious and polite; if she’s that way with me in public I would expect her to just be that way period.

      Yes, Megan Schroeder and I exchanged words at that meeting as you observed. As you might expect when I get pushed for what I think are the wrong reasons I tend to push back, so it was not an exchange of pleasantries: serenity is not my strong suit.

  2. Cliff Grammich Says:

    Whoops . . . URL in previous comment should be (without closing parenthesis included) . . .

    • Mark Thoman Says:

      A wise man did indeed say

      “I don’t think the commenter was interested in dialogue but rather in launching verbal grenades.”

      Put that statement into the context of the last 99 race and start attaching names to it.

      I ended up banning DGDood, having gone too far off the deep end, a good example of anonymity getting carried away. X10730 same deal. I think I know them, they both are nice people when they are known entities, they just got carried away.

      • Mark Thoman Says:

        Of course I have my own sock puppet at DGreport, but I probably should have picked a better name than Socky The Not Thoman Puppet…


      • Cliff Grammich Says:

        The weird thing is that nobody really wants to attach names to it. Unless you consider comparing local residents with whom one disagrees to the thuggish Hugo Chavez, as one Dutch uncle at DGR did. Cripes, I’ve probably been more direct than anybody, and I readily admit I don’t know what happened. Nor am I convinced it really matters for the larger issues here.

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