MN to IL: Tollway Traffic Cameras FAIL

Another kind of camera fail... Interstate abuse.

Other states are banning red light cameras and the upcoming traffic speed cameras that IL has planned.  Paltry bribes campaign contributions have patiently been buying the needed votes here in IL to keep the gravy train rolling, preventing common sense from regaining a majority.  Minnesota may be dumb enough to elect a bad comedian as senator, but not dumb enough to buy into the flawed system that Illinois inflicts on it’s own citizen’s without their consent. 

If you’re keeping track, red light cameras fail, speed enforcement cameras fail, and now it’s shown that tollway cameras fail to do what the private money making companies say they do…unless the private camera companies say they make money for the camera company, which they most certainly do.


2 Responses to “MN to IL: Tollway Traffic Cameras FAIL”

  1. Nadine Yancey Says:

    Today, June 20, 2009 I was on Buckley Rd Rt 137 and took toll for 94 WB. I put 50 cents in toll and it didn’t register. There was no one to help reset it and traffic was blowing behind me. As I proceeded, the camera took a picture of my plate. Who do I speak to about this because I should not receive a ticket because I paid the toll.

  2. Witty Says:

    Nadine, the toll was paid and you’ll be fine. According to the tollway’s website, in this situation you did what you should have. The machinery is supposed to register that there is a problem and that you paid the toll.

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