DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: An Example?

It can’t happen here…right?


Click on any image for larger version.

Just a maybe example of what could go wrong.  This is based on a development proposal that was brought before council last October and was sent back to county as being opposed to by the village.  It was 24 town-homes on 2.75 acres right next to the village.


This is what was originally proposed to be built. Under the amended county zoning...

The county wants less setbacks front, side, and rear; smaller allowable lot sizes with higher lot coverage by buildings;even a county option of exemption from paying into parks and schools.   This overcrowded development could yet be a “by right” project that DG would have no say over.


...an additional 15 units could potentially be placed here- without any DG say at all.

Would the county have to allow for above ground water detention as is shown in the original plans for this development?  The new ordinance amendment doesn’t make that clear.  Providing storage in pipes is a vastly inferior way to handle storm-water because it doesn’t allow for mitigation by soaking back into the ground.  It just sits in pipes until later when it becomes even more problem water.  But they could do that here, even putting a cistern under the public parking area.    It’s just one “maybe” scenario of what could happen.

Council will approve a resolution Monday night. The meeting will be televised on channel 6 and also will be on the village website under multimedia.


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