Illinois Reform Commission Final Report

irc-final-report-coverRequired reading.

“We have been troubled by learning that, in core areas governing ethics, Illinois’ laws and operations simply do not measure up.”

“…scandals that have brought down the last two governors leave little doubt that the system is broken.”

“Illinois has the largest unfunded pension liability of any state in the nation.”

“…(enforce) the existing (FOIA) statutes with renewed vigor by adopting a presumption in favor of full public access to information and documents; …make public documents readily and easily accessible to the public through the Internet and online databases without waiting for specific requests from the public.”

“We must also remember that democracy requires citizens to be persistent watchdogs of our government. In recent years, complacency in our watchfulness has emboldened those who would cheat their constituencies for personal benefit.”

The complete 97 page IRC final report is here…and it isn’t pretty.

The full Executive Summary is the first six pages.


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