Balancing the State Budget Without Tax Hikes

IPI 2010 budget cover

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Required Reading

When Quinn came to the rescue of a s(t)inking state budget by throwing us all an anchor, he was quick to demand that any naysayers provide a complete alternate solution.

The Illinois Policy Institute has done exactly that. All that’s required is the will, the moral and ethical fiber, and leadership.

In other news, in a bipartisan effort of will, moral and ethical fiber, and leadership, the Illinois House voted for expanded internet horse race gambling.  More on that later.

NOTE: Still mainly writing over at, but right now Elaine Johnson  just put up an editorial on the increasingly odd behavior of our high school Board of Education (CHSD99), and I don’t want to bump it.  I’ll dump it further down the page if I can.


DGreport “I’m In”

We’ve all read Elaine’s DGreport now for over two years, and recently she asked us if we might help her out for a while. I said yes, so I’ll be posting over there for at least a bit.

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RLC: Westmont Rings The Register

One intersection, six weeks = 542 violations, $54,000.

Mostly for right turn on red.  Once Westmont gets the nod from state and county, two more will go in at intersections controlled by the state (Ogden?) or the county.

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Can you do what the federal government can’t?

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