DGreport “I’m In”

We’ve all read Elaine’s DGreport now for over two years, and recently she asked us if we might help her out for a while. I said yes, so I’ll be posting over there for at least a bit.

And yeah, consider me a pulling blocker on all the trolls, and self-righteous scolds, and stoopid jamokes trying to wearing her out, not being mindful they’re in a neighbor’s house here.

I’ve come to this compromise place: use a pseudonym?  Fine; there’s plenty of people who’d like to say something but don’t want blowback from blowhard trolls, and fallout in their personal lives.  Understood.

There’s a difference between someone using a pseudonym, and a troll with an agenda and an attitude.  If you use your real name, your comments are worth a bit of care.  Know up front, if you choose to engage there as a known real person using your real name, I’ll work to spike any negative comments directed towards you instead of towards what you are saying.  It’s too wild,  there’s too many trolls.

I’m hoping I’m just the first of several who agree to try and contribute.  I’ll keep what I’m doing and post it there, and help make it a better place.  Come over and check it out.

Elaine does her here gig very well, and she’s the boss at DGreport.  I do my gig…ummm, too.  All of the above?  Not hard and fast, not final, not etched in stone.  Times change, and lately they’ve been changing really fast.  EJ tries her best to keep you in the loop, and I’ll try and help too.


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