RLC pt. gazillion

“In our opinion, this would be an invitation to a lawsuit based upon an equal protection violation under the Illinois Constitution,” Korey said in an e-mail to village officials. “In effect, the village would be penalizing one violator $50 and another violator $100 for the same violation.”

– RedSpeed Attorney Martin Korey, quoted in the August 10, 2009 Tribune story Red-light camera company open to two-tiered ticketing- Rolling right turns may net lower fines, flatly rejecting the idea of two tiered fines, a higher tier for running red lights, and a lower tier for rolling-right-turn on red, explaining that residents have a constitutionally protected right to pay $100 for a ticket instead of $50 for a lesser infraction.

He did not say whether the law suit would come from residents demanding a flat $50 for all tickets, or from RedSpeed demanding a flat $100 for all tickets.


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