Required Reading

Read it and weep.

The rights protected by this paragraph may not be diminished by contract or other agreement, and nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to diminish any greater or additional protection provided by Federal or State law or by contract or other agreement.

Reconcile yourself a huge new bureaucracy, a heaping steaming pile of new taxes directly on the middle class,  rationing of drug research, forced unionization of nurses.  With student loan goodness.  This 2,309 pages of legislation does not address the central problem of skyrocketing health-care costs, ands skyrocketing health care insurance costs.

Oh, and if you don’t already have it and have a doctor for it, Medicare is history.  Bon appetit…


White House: We will monitor all emails

We’re going to scan all of your emails but trust us, it’ll be okay, because Homeland Security does everything so well…

Recently de-classified documents reveal Einstein, an NSA enabled domestic spying program that will allow the government to scan any and every email of every citizen.