I’m running for one of three seats for Village Council in the election scheduled for April 5, 2011.

I’m asking residents to vote for me based on a pledge to continue work on the budget, fix the streets, and get better transparency into the why of how decisions are made.

You can scan this site and get a reasonable idea of where I come from on many issues important to local government.  You can also look at, where I also posted.  Our Village faces many of the same issues every local government does; not enough money, too much infrastructure in need of repair and updating, and decisions effecting both happening away from the public eye.

By accident or design is immaterial.  It is what it is, and for my Village to survive and prosper, things can change for the better.  I hope to be part of that hard work; to not just vote, but to do the research needed to fully explain the why and how that leads to that vote, and to do so in the public eye.  All of us deserve no less.


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  1. Peg Knight Says:

    Please bring us a sign for our front yard, we supported you before, and would like to do so again.
    1101 Maple Ave.
    You are a commonsense leader, with the people and needs of Downers as a first priority.

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