McCartney 8/1/2011 Wrigley Field

Went to hear McCartney last night. For 69 years old the guy had an incredible back up band that carried the old Beatles multi-part harmonies really well, and they shredded the rockers.

Monday set (unless otherwise noted, REALLY tight and true):

1) Magical Mystery Tour

2) Juniors Farm (I’m shaky on the Wings titles)

3) All My Lovin (his band vocals were spot on)

4) Jet

5) Got to get You Into My Life

6) (some new song that was okay)

7) The Night Before

8 ) (none of us came up with it and Shazam didn’t register, maybe it was an obscure Beatles that was so-so, but melded into Foxy Lady which was pretty cool.)

9) Paperback Writer (SHREDDED it! WOW)

10) The Long and Winding Road

11) 1984 (Wings who cares)

12) Someones’ Knocking at the Door (again, Wings who cares, was starting to wonder where the concert was heading)

13) Maybe I’m Amazed (had the band help him with the high stuff)

14) I’m Looking Through You (off Rubber Soul yeah!)

15) And I Love Her (again, great vocal mix)

16) Blackbird (PM and guitar very nice, almost like ‘Yeah it’s a stadium concert, but come over here I’ll play this just for you’)

17) (New song about John Lennon. So-so, but sweet that he did tributes to his fallen friends)

18) (Everybody Gonna) Dance Tonight

19) (no one had a clue what this song was)

20) Eleanor Rigby (NAILED IT)

21) Something (started just him on the Uke as a tribute to George)

22) Band on the Run (One of two Wings songs I know)

23) Life Goes On (ob- la-de ob-la-da sing along)

24) Back in the USSR (rocked it HARD)

By this time we were wondering if he would just play until he died on stage. It was brutally hot all day, didn’t cool off that much, but it looked like they had special AC units on both sides of the stage and behind keeping the stage area cooler? Also the second half of the concert PM sat at the keyboards more often, probably a result of good planning!

25) I Got a Feeling

26) Day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance (the night’s second medley)

27) Let It Be (best I’ve heard it, a real heart tugger)

28) Live and let Die (stage edge flame throwers, heavy fireworks-the halftime show a real crowd pleaser)

29) Hey Jude (Had a little trouble with the vocals. Obviously worn out?)

Of course an Encore

30) Lady Madonna

31) Birthday Song

32) I Saw Here Standing There

Second Encore (didn’t really even leave the stage LOL)

33) Yesterday (I think 40,000+ people were all smiling and crying)

34) Helter Skelter (WOW! 34TH song into a concert and they just shredded this completely. Rocked as hard as any band I’ve heard.)

35) The End

THREE HOURS STRAIGHT no breaks no intermissions and 35 songs. Granted the guy isn’t jumping all over the stage but who cares! According to my nephew who attended both shows the play list was different- some songs the same, but some different.

I think at some point everyone there had their eyes closed just listening and letting their minds wander back to the first times they heard this one or that one. EVERYBODY left happy.


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