Three Strikes Is Too Many; SEVEN TIMES Is Too Much

The following is directly copied from a paid advertisement.

Three different times, the Illinois legislature has rejected a proposal put forward by out-of-state energy company Tenaska to build the Taylorville Energy Center. This “clean coal” plant would leave Illinois families, businesses and government agencies paying up to SEVEN TIMES today’s market price for electricity. When the legislature meets November 29, Tenaska will try once again to get Illinois consumers to foot the bill for their coal plant, which Illinois doesn’t need.

Please take a moment now to contact your legislator and let them know you oppose the Taylorville Energy Center. Here are the facts:

• The Taylorville Energy Center would cost Illinois electricity consumers $286 million per year.

• Illinois businesses and industry would bear the risks and absorb most cost overruns, making it harder to create jobs.

• Tenaska wants Illinois consumers to pay even if the Taylorville Energy Center never produces more than a single megawatt of power.

• The plant would add only two-tenths of one percent to the overall amount of power generation capacity available to Illinois

Your voice matters in stopping this legislation. Thanks for letting your legislator know that you oppose the Taylorville Energy Center. Visit to learn more.

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