Free Trees

I helped give away free Christmas trees last night. There’s some happy people in DG because of this.

Cool for many reasons, among them: there are still Knights of the Templar walking among us (!), and there has to be more people this year who look at $50+ for a tree and wonder how to prioritize that into a shrunken Christmas budget.

The Village is trying out for the part of Scrooge again this year. They never stopped it when the trees were at the Mason Lodge a couple doors east, but this year the DGTRO agreed to help, and it moved to the wall next to the Curtiss Street HQ. Much better location.

So just coincidence this year here comes Code Enforcement to scuff their shoes around the periphery, trying to come up with a reason to stop this display of holiday good will.

The best they could come up with is move them back a foot or two, they can’t encroach on public property, the empty grass lawn on the corner.

The trees are there tonight and Friday night. If you know someone who might be in need, tell, them, stop by, bring them by. Merry Christmas one and all!


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