Village to roll out three new Utilities

The Utility Utility. The Water Utility and Stormwater Utility are but the entry point of a potential revenue bonanza for the Village. One problem holding things back? The costs associated with staff time and consultant studies continue to expand, eating up precious core service budget resources.

According to the nationally recognized Lirpa One Consulting Group, the obvious solution is the Utility Utility to pay for costs incurred researching, developing, consulting, and administering all the new utilities. The costs will be shared among all areas of the community that might derive future benefit for the Utilities created by the the Utility Utility process. Once funding for this utility is in place, it will be a simple matter to take anything and put it into the Utility creation process.

Two Utilities already in process:

The Sunshine Utility. The Village will charge each property owner based on the sunshine received. Staff indicated they have the GPS maps and know exactly how big each lot is. it would be a logical compliment to the Stormwater Utility, and it would fairly assess the enjoyment of sunny pleasant weather. Credits against the utility could be generated by arranging to be in the shadow of large buildings immediately next door that block out the sun.

The Smile Utility. It’s well know smiles use less energy than frowns, and that reduced demand has increased costs to the Village, especially when so many people smile, even further reducing energy consumption. To compensate, a Smile Utility will be a simple, resident based fee. By installing cameras in all comers of the Village, anyone smiling will be mailed a ticket for saving energy by not frowning. It’s expected this Utility will allow the Village to cash in on community activities such as Rotary GroveFest, which is coming in June (21st through the 24th-mark your calendars) and expected to once again generate many thousands of smiles.


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