Trimming taxpayers cost of local government.

The state has approved the Friends of Downers Grove Township Senior Citizens as an independent, not-for-profit organization Section 501 (c)(3) pursuing its mission of providing services to seniors of Downers Grove Township. In a continuing effort to provide support for senior citizen oriented services and organizations, the new not-for-profit will pursue grants and tax deductible contributions that do not involve direct tax dollars.

Township Supervisor Frank Wurster and the Trustees have been very supportive of this effort. It’s a worthy example of good government trying to make ends meet without raising taxes or installing fees.

Friends of Downers Grove Township Senior Citizens focuses on improving the lives of Downers Grove Township seniors. Its mission is to foster the independence and well being of older adults.

I was pleased to be asked to serve as initial President of the Board of Directors for the NFP. The first year we’ll be getting organized and ramped up. DGTSC will allow us to continue the work of the Township and its Senior Advisory Committee, and support current and future SALT efforts on behalf of Township senior residents. I’m delighted the Township was able to apply creative thinking, and appreciate the state acting quickly to approve the paperwork.

Current Township initiatives include Dial-A-Ride, safety and crime prevention programs, information and referral, and more. We promote activities and provide information designed to encourage senior well being by involvement in community activities, programs and life in general. The Township spreads the good word to seniors through programs such as Hanna Benioff’s Vintage Times Cable TV program, Banner News newsletter, as well as our Senior Advisory Committee and Seniors and Lawmen Together (S.A.L.T.) Council. These two advisory groups network, support and collaborate with community organizations to meet the needs of our senior residents.

I’m pleased to be involved in this for several reasons.

Ethics and FOIA training? Every Township volunteer goes through the state training for Ethics, OMA, and FOIA training. The Township officials take this very seriously. County is just now getting around to it. I did mine less than one month after first volunteering.

If every level of government ran as efficiently as Townships, the total cost of government would plummet, and unions would probably howl. Downers Grove Township has no debt and balances its budget every year. Imagine if every branch of government operated with no debt and balanced their budget every year.

Our Township government elected officials are all Republican, and they work very hard to do their jobs. Trustees each wear additional hats and are hands-on involved in activities of the Township. That burns up a lot more time than a Village Council commissioner. I’ve seen both: Trustees are hands-on simply because the organization is so flat.  Democrats come to the once a month Township meetings and tape some of them. They complain and they carp about why do we need Townships, and then every election propose they would do better. Hell, even some Republicans trying to look good to voters by carping about Townships. Democrats would love to get public unions like AFSCME into Township government, just like they’ve corroded every other branch of government they can get their mitts on.


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