Dirty Rotten Advocate Scoundrels

I know some Advocates that are good people, but they don’t run the group. Some of them are downright nasty people, and those nasty people are the ones who really run the Advocates show now. They twist the arms, print the flyers, spread the gossip, dig up the dirt and spread the manure. A local oligarchy that squats on Downers Grove, relishing their insider status, and zealously guarding their control over our Village.

This last election cycle Advocates self-declared piety has been exposed again, as nasty people doing nasty things especially when it comes to our School Board.

This election cycle select Advocates took aim at Debbie Boyle again. Julia Beckman, Terry Pavesich, and Megan Schroeder hate her with a burning passion and were stung early when CHSD99 BOE President Bill White endorsed Republican Deb Boyle for re-election. When Debbie backed Bill for BOE President over Julia Beckman, and Bill voted for Boyle as his Board VP, the Advocates-backed BOE members Pavesich and Beckman made Bill’s life miserable his last two years as President: total war. They were at every opportunity disruptive, accusatory, even outright lying on record to pay him back for not being an Advocates step-n-fetchit. 

They wanted Boyle off the board this election cycle. Bill White made that a lot harder when he withdrew his petitions and was off the ballot. A newcomer Henry Jacobsze was running, so on Saturday March 2nd, despite the fact he did not attend the Advocates “interviews”, despite not returning any phone calls or showing any desire to seek it, he was endorsed by the Advocates in a press release. To be fair, maybe some Advocates didn’t know what the others were doing, rigging endorsements to try and defeat Boyle.

One problem. Jacobsze had decided he had a conflict of interest he could not resolve, so he withdrew from the race, announced it on March 13th, and at the same time endorsed Deb Boyle. That became confusing when the first Advocates mailer arrived in the mail about the same time, which included Jabobsze’s endorsement.

That left a field of five candidates, which quickly became four when Martin Gorski announced he too was withdrawing. To the Advocates dismay, there was only four candidates running for four seats, and there was little hope they could push Deb Boyle off the Board.

What to do, what to do?

What Julia Beckman decided to do was start calling into news agencies pushing a story line that the race wasn’t over because Jacobsze didn’t withdraw in time. She trotted out a dream he would still get elected and she could then get a stooge placed in his stead, all so she could return triumphantly as BOE President.

Just a reminder: Jilia Kennedy Beckman is the woman who talks to herself out loud during BOE meetings.

Election night didn’t work out so well for the Advocates. They’ll claim victories as their doing, but consider these items:

  • Marilyn Schnell was not re-elected to Village Council. Schnell is a long-time and dear friend of Advocate Betty Cheever. I like Schnell, and fully expected she would repeat her previous elections as top vote-getter. I was wrong. 
  • Democrat/Advocate Megan Schroeder got trounced running for Township Trustee. She was a top vote getter in non-partisan elections where voters don’t see whether a candidate is D or R. With a party ID attached, she lost badly.
  • David S. Olsen became the youngest ever elected to Village Council Commissioner and is a Republican Precinct Committeeman. He worked his butt off, and ignored the hacks and shills that tried to plant seeds of doubt in voters minds. Interestingly, they tried to hurt him as a “hard R” Republican, and as a RINO. Neither worked.
  • Ron Sandack, who got his political start with the Advocates backing, endorsed Olsen and Don Jankowski (along with good friend Barnett), both Republicans and neither endorsed by Advocates. To his credit, Sandack stood up for fellow Republicans.
  • Barnett at a DGTRO meeting said himself, Olsen and Jankowski were the best conservative choices for Village Council
  • Deb Boyle, despite all the hate spewed at her for 8 years running, came within a heartbeat of being top vote-getter as she was easily re-elected to the 99 BOE. Boyle has never shied away from a fight, but she keeps her cool. More people are noticing she is not what Advocates harp she is, and it has reflected badly on Advocates.

Barnett and Sandack endorsing a slate of Barnett, Olsen, and Jankowski, must have really angered Megan Schroeder and Julia Beckman, both hard Democrats. Right before the election a mysterious “West Suburban Teapublicans” mailer from LaGrange sprang out, touting hardest the ‘Boyle is an ultra right winger’ and ‘Jankowski wants business to have all our tax money’ memes. This mailer was mailed to homes that had only Democrats living there, in a bald bid to stir up a fear-based turn out among Democrats.

Doing that, they threw fellow Advocate/Republican Bob Barnett under their bus. Barnett assuredly wanted those Democrats to vote for him, but he was (falsely) painted as a TEA Party favorite.

(Sidebar- Democrats and Advocates have always tried to pillory Republicans as unseemly for our open policy of supporting Precinct Committeemen endorsed Republican candidates who run for office in non-partisan races. With this ‘Teapublican’ mailer, and open acknowledgement Democrats work to elect D’s in local “non-partisan” elections, Democrats no longer have any cover on this issue. We openly endorse, they play sneaky little back room games.)

Schroeder, in a typical move, immediately tried to blame someone else, anyone else for the mailer. Schroeder blamed Greg Hose, who was Advocate endorsed, for the mailer. Greg who won a seat on the Village Council in the election. That doesn’t sound like something he’d do or be inclined to waste money on. What’s his motivation? He doesn’t have bile-build-up anger issues, Schroeder and Beckman do.

Advocates also, immediately before the election, sent out another mailer, endorsing Henry Jacobsze again. People noticed. Jacobsze himself sent a release to the media, asking voters specifically NOT to vote for him, and criticizing Beckman and Advocates for playing petty political games.

Julia Beckmans response was to play dumb. Schroeder stayed behind her blocked Facebook and Twitter walls.

I did a little background on Jacobsze. He’s a smart guy in a high place. A lot of good people have taken a lot of crap from self-righteous Advocates and their myrmidons over the years. He didn’t strike me as one who would quietly join their victims list.

Jacobsze fired back, filing a complaint with the Election Commission. The Tribune picks up on the filing and wrote about it. Beckman kept playing dumb, but here comes Megan Schroeder:

Beckman said that she could not comment until she had seen the complaint.

Megan Schroeder, a DGCA member, issued a statement on behalf of the organization, stating that its endorsement of Jakobsze in March was done in good faith.”Mr. Jakobsze did not contact the DGCA regarding our endorsement or his withdrawal from the race until the evening of April 6,” the statement read. “It is unfortunate the Mr. Jakobsze did not respond to the DGCA’s repeated attempts to clarify the media reports of his withdrawal. The DGCA regrets Mr. Jakobsze’s distress and confusion, and wishes him well.”

The Campaign Financing Act states that “any political committee which solicits or receives contributions or makes expenditures on behalf of any candidate that is not authorized in writing by such candidate” must clearly disclose on literature and commercials that the candidate did not approve them.

That carefully worded insult of a statement by Megan Schroeder is also standard practice for Advocates. Blame someone else for what you did. ‘It’s HIS fault not ours.’ Yeah right. Jacobsze might be many things, but “distressed and confused” are not among them. Think resolved and determined: Advocates may “regret” that.

I hope this is an evolving story. Schroeder and Beckman and select Advocates pals have harassed,  deceived, and berated residents and reporters for years and years. Their policy has always been scorched earth: never stop attacking. Even when their victims give up and try to walk away, attack. Scorched earth warfare forever.

This election cycle they’re all over the map attacking Boyle and sideswiping Republicans including their own Advocate members; getting caught up conflating non-partisan and partisan politicking; and generally being nasty rats scurrying along the baseboards of the Village.

It seems more and more people are declining to put up with it, are not giving up and walking away from the non-stop attacks. Deb Boyle was one of the very first to take the fight right back at them. Bill White joined her. Now Henry Jacobsze has arrived on the battlefield.


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