The Scam ‘Teapublican’ mailer

Local Democrat/Advocates throw their Republican /Advocate buddy Bob Barnett under the bus for endorsing Don Jankowski. Pass the popcorn.

This is a not a TEA Party mailer. The short story is Julia Beckman (Democrat State central Committeewoman from Darien, as Emperor Palpatine) and Megan Schroeder (as Darth Schroeder) were furious and this was the result.

Teapublicans Mail piece side 1

This mailer went out to D only households in Downers Grove. It was done through a LaGrange UPS store to hide. It used stamps instead of a bulk mailer to try and wipe off fingerprints of culpability. What they forgot was that some people have long memories, and can understand connections between the obvious.

This is the typical Advocates mailer. Page margins, fonts, layout, picture insertions- all familiar. It’s a hit piece designed to get a response from unaware voters. By at least one count it worked.

Why did the Democrat/Advocates send this out? Because they endorsed Advocate/Republican Barnett, who did not return the endorsements to Council Commissioner Marilyn Schnell (who lost her seat) or Greg Hose, a non-Advocate Democrat (who won). Instead he endorsed Don Jankowski in print, and Olsen and Jankowski at a DGTRO meeting. His close political ally Ron Sandack also endorsed Bob, and Olsen and Jankowski.

Bob and Ron broke ranks with Advocates and endorsed openly Republican candidates, one (Olsen) who had been voted an endorsement by the DGTRO Precinct Committeemen in a ballot vote. There are some Advocates who think Ron and Bob are their boys, that they should give back a little what they take. Two years ago Advocates gave everything Barnett wanted, now he was turning his back instead of giving back.

The hit piece reflects two main items:

Continued blind hatred of Debbie Boyle, who will do another great job in her second term on the District 99 School Board.

The swipes at first-time candidate Don Jankowsky. I don’t know Don, but I know exactly how he feels with the unknown assault and false representation made about him. This mailer trashed him by flat out lying about what he’s said during the campaign.

in 2005/06/07 I tried to peel back the anonymous ads in the papers and the anonymous comments in DGReport. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t. But I notice patterns, and styles, and structures, consistencies that are difficult to avoid when someone is trying to hide or pretend to be someone else.

Megan Schroeder has already accused Greg Hose of masterminding the hit piece. Another lie. Julia Beckman, 99 BOE member and the Advocates now have formal complaints lodged against them over the Jacobsze scandal, and Schroeder’s “press release” is classic Advocates.


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