Advocates: Spot The Liars

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Two of these are elected School Board 99 members. One is also Democrat Party State Central Committeewoman. One is the Advocates main arm-twister-about-town. One is a resident who won’t take anymore.

Can you tell who’s who?

Megan Schroeder: “”It is unfortunate the Mr. Jakobsze did not respond to the DGCA’s repeated attempts to clarify  the media reports of his withdrawal.””

Julia Beckman: “Beckman said that she could not comment until she had seen the complaint.”

Henry Jacobsze: “He said the last time he talked to Beckman was the day he called her to say he dropped out.” (on March 13th)

Megan Schroeder: ““Mr. Jakobsze did not contact the DGCA regarding our endorsement or his withdrawal from the race until April 6.””

Julia Beckman: “Beckman did not return calls for comment.”

Again, Jacobsze went public March 13th with his withdrawal.

Terry Pavesich: “Pavesich said she and other candidates did not want to pay to reprint the flyer when Jakobsze left the race. “We published that right after we got the endorsement,” she said. Pavesich also said Beckman and others attempted to call Jakobsze after he quit, but never heard back.”

Henry Jacobsze: ““I’m looking through my telephone records and I don’t see any phone calls from (the DGCA), Pavesich or Beckman,” he said.”

Julia Beckman: “Beckman, who has served on the District 99 board since 1993, did not return calls for comment.”

His endorsement continues to appear on their website as of April 16.  If they try and shove it down the memory hole I will resurrect it and post it in full.

Henry Jacobsze: “”They continued to promote me as a candidate even after I dropped out, which was unethical and misleading,” Jakobsze said. “This was a calculated strategy to block the re-election of Debbie Boyle, in my opinion. That’s all this was.””


One Response to “Advocates: Spot The Liars”

  1. william vollrath Says:

    Keep the Chicago Tribune informed on these facts and their responsibility to expose these arrogant, destructive local pols to the light of day, which should make them dissolve away like the wicked witch in Oz…

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