Advocates Boss FInally Files D-1 With State

pinocchios (1)Document filed with State Board of Elections supports Jacobsze’s complaint that Advocates violated state election law.

On April 15th, Democrat Megan Schroeder signed State election filings admitting the obvious: she is the driving force as both Chairman and Treasurer of Advocates. On the D-1, she lists the

“Village of Downers Grove, DuPage County; Community School District 99;  Downers Grove School District 58; Downers Grove Park District”

as areas where Advocates intend to operate as a Political Action Committee.

This raises many more questions than it answers:

First question- How can Megan Schroeder sign a  document and date it April 15th, when the Sate Board of Elections received it on the 13th, 2 days prior?

Second question- From which candidates did Advocates collect money, and when did they receive it?

Third question: Why does Advocates continue to list the endorsement of Henry Jacobsze on documents dated April 13th and 15th, well after the complaint was filed with the Illinois Board of Elections he had given no authorization, nor had they received his permission to do so?

More as this unfolds. Below is the filing.

Advocates 2013 D-1 filing


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