Stormwater: Park District Steps Up…

...seems like a good trade off instead of this.

...seems like a good trade off instead of this.

… and Village Shows The Love

All material taken from 8/26/2008 Workshop Agenda Item Active b , a resolution and background report to council, submitted by David Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager, that will be approved next week, in blue.

Intergovernmental Agreements with the Downers Grove Park District for Stormwater Improvement Projects

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Another Piece To The Stormwater Puzzle

I was up in Madison WI this week on business. I think the City Motto is “The USSR may have fallen but Madison marches on”. They’ve been on the west edge of where WI has been getting hammered by stormwater this spring, and the lakes are just about over their banks.

Being the state capital may help, but they seem to be a leg up on stormwater solutions too, and it has definitely helped.

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Another piece to the stormwater puzzle.

Read the comprehensive cold weather report on Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Performance. If you don’t want to wade through 70+ pages, short form: works great. Around here, it doesn’t eliminate the need for detention/retention, but it would significantly reduce runoff we continue building into our village now-despite knowing how much fixing the problem costs us later.

Thousands now; millions later. Pick one.

Latest Green Roof Tests In Seattle

Green roofs limit storm water run-off. If DG is to make a difference in how much stormwater we have that runs off, we will need to address things like this. From The Changing World of Stormwater Technology, by Dan Rafter, this report of a comparative testing of green roofs to determine the optimum design.

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GE Citizen Power Stays The Day At Ackerman Woods

A friend asked me why I bother writing about this; it is not even near DG. No arguement about proximity, but here is a group of people who got mad, got organized, and got a plan.

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GE Residents To Lose Ackerman Woods

I wrote briefly about Ackerman Woods before. Residents protested, and it appears have been ignored again.

Cutting down over 340 trees for a flood control project and soccer fields, according to the GEPD, is a necessity.

Not Alone, Not Unique

Lest residents think our PD is the only one that cuts down trees to make way for better parks, here’s a little nightmare from Glen Ellyn, where it’s not about cutting down 40 trees.

No, try 342 trees.

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