Advocates: Spot The Liars

pinocchios (1)

Two of these are elected School Board 99 members. One is also Democrat Party State Central Committeewoman. One is the Advocates main arm-twister-about-town. One is a resident who won’t take anymore.

Can you tell who’s who?

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The Scam ‘Teapublican’ mailer

Local Democrat/Advocates throw their Republican /Advocate buddy Bob Barnett under the bus for endorsing Don Jankowski. Pass the popcorn.

This is a not a TEA Party mailer. The short story is Julia Beckman (Democrat State central Committeewoman from Darien, as Emperor Palpatine) and Megan Schroeder (as Darth Schroeder) were furious and this was the result.

Teapublicans Mail piece side 1

This mailer went out to D only households in Downers Grove. It was done through a LaGrange UPS store to hide. It used stamps instead of a bulk mailer to try and wipe off fingerprints of culpability. What they forgot was that some people have long memories, and can understand connections between the obvious. Read the rest of this entry »

Dirty Rotten Advocate Scoundrels

I know some Advocates that are good people, but they don’t run the group. Some of them are downright nasty people, and those nasty people are the ones who really run the Advocates show now. They twist the arms, print the flyers, spread the gossip, dig up the dirt and spread the manure. A local oligarchy that squats on Downers Grove, relishing their insider status, and zealously guarding their control over our Village.

This last election cycle Advocates self-declared piety has been exposed again, as nasty people doing nasty things especially when it comes to our School Board. Read the rest of this entry »

Obscure endorsement…

…that took 6 years to make.

I’ve received more than a few emails and phone calls asking for my take on the Boyle/Sandack election. Most of you, if you’ve gotten here, for better or worse know who I am I’ve tried to keep my focus on other things than wading into the tit-for-tat, but here’s my two cents. Read the rest of this entry »

BGA and Illinois Review Get Play’d

How did Tip put it? All politics are local? has over 150 posts first-hand witnessing the arrogance and abuse of power of the CHSD 99 Board of Education and the majority members of that board over the years. It all happened specifically after long time Board member and President Bruce Beckman stepped down after 20 years of service, and before current Board President Bill White was elected to the middle chair.

During that in-between time the former Superintendent got stiff final year pay raises (from $187.2K in 2005 to $256.5K+ in 2008) to goose his pension; the local teachers union made campaign contributions to the majority board members election fund; FOIA’s were routinely denied; no one knows how many times the OMA was violated; reporters verbally harassed when they wrote articles the board majority disliked; a board member silenced for trying to talk about cheaper insurance options; residents denied the chance to speak at meetings; few accurate recordings or minutes kept of public meetings; Township Democratic Party newsletters stacked in the School Districts Administration building during School Board meetings, and more. The Board President during all of this was/is Julia Kennedy-Beckman, the Democratic State Central Committee 13th District Representative. Read the rest of this entry »

SB99 Nepotism Policy

I’m beginning to think a Sandack type of overhaul of SB99’s Ethics and Nepotism Policies may be in order.  As you may recall, Current Mayor Ron Sandack ran with overhauling and tightening village ethics a platform issue, and upon election immediately wasted no time fulfilling that pledge to voters.  One part: no more campaign contributions from people or groups that do business above a certain level with the village.  It reflected aspects of ethics legislation the state General Assembly pursued in response to Blago’s (and Ryan’s) abuse of power.  That hasn’t had any deleterious effects here so far, and doesn’t look like it ever will.  If anything, some local companies have sighed relief they are barred from having to play that game.

Here are the sheets of the current Nepotism Policy for SB99.  This is not the policy for the District, this is for the School Board.

Page 2 of instructions for implementing Nepotism Policy

Page 1 of Instructions for implementing Nepotism Policy

Page 2 of instructions for implementing Nepotism Policy

The District 99 Nepotism Policy was changed in January to keep track with changes made to the School Board Policy.

I could not get these to post right at DGreport.

A New Years Wish

After all the good things congress has done and allowed to happen, it’s only fair they pat themselves on the back with a nice pay hike.  They’ve even rigged the thing so they don’t have to actually vote to get the raise; Thursday congress will not vote to not take an automatic 2.8% pay raise, all while our national debt, the budget deficit, any claim of common sense governing, and our savings are all being blown straight to hell.

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