Lisle TEA Party

I asked a friend to tell me about his experience at the Lisle TEA party.  He responds:

Attending the Lisle tea party was a liberating experience for me.  The tea party was my first experience with protesting against my government and its policy.  I took my son to the event.  I thought it was important to show my son early in his life that if you believe in something you should not be afraid to voice your opinion.

I have never been confused for a timid person when it comes to voicing my opinion but that was not the reason for me attending.  I was curious how many people would attend and I wanted to be a part of it.

I said hello to a few of the events speakers.  I wished state Rep. Connelly and US congresswomen Biggert well in their efforts on behalf of our county and state respectively.  Dr. Steve Saurberg was very motivating and I hope he runs for office in 2010.  It is time for a change in the state of Illinois.

What I got out of this event is that there are 50+ million Americans who did not vote for the current Democratically controlled government and some of them are bold enough to let the government know they are not happy with their performance so far.

The event seemed very well organized and I hope there are more of them in the future.

Here’s a video of speaker Jerry Agar:

And here’s one of a school teacher as the get together started breaking up:

A guy named Rob Figiulo spoke about charity and giving:

Rep. Judy Biggert spoke at this one, and DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett has a video making of him at the event talking about taxes, but it looked more like non-politicians running things than some planned event.

Estimated crowd was 1,250 at it’s peak.


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    I would like to get involved in the Tea Party Movement. Can you give me some information on joining and where the next event is taking place? Thanks, Pat Mc Hugh

    • Mark Thoman Says:

      Lake County TEA Party’s next meeting will be held on Monday, July 26th at 7pm. Featured guest will be Bruno Behrend of the Heartland Institue and the Extreme Wisdom Blog.
      Lake Villa District Library
      1001 E Grand Ave
      Lake Villa, IL 60046

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