Trimming taxpayers cost of local government.

The state has approved the Friends of Downers Grove Township Senior Citizens as an independent, not-for-profit organization Section 501 (c)(3) pursuing its mission of providing services to seniors of Downers Grove Township. In a continuing effort to provide support for senior citizen oriented services and organizations, the new not-for-profit will pursue grants and tax deductible contributions that do not involve direct tax dollars. Read the rest of this entry »


Required Reading

Village of Downers Grove 2011 Consolidated Annual Financial Report.

Budgets are projections, plans of what will be done and how. CAFR’s are reports on the results-what actually happened. I’ll be reading this, and you should too.

Council Commissioner Rhientgen springs personal attack on me at Council meeting

At the 5/8 Village Council meeting, Commissioner Rhientgen felt it imperative to personally insult me and her fellow Commissioner Waldack, possibly violate Council rules, and play the victim? 

The fun starts at about 47:24 of the meeting video here.  Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Night Brights

The summer is here with two annual weekly events:the Saturday morning Farmers Markett and Friday night car shows. The first Friday night packed the downtown. Every restaurant was full, several businesses set up food tables for to-go, and the weather was perfect. Personal topper-craft beer week put Emmett’s excellent Victory IPA on special. Read the rest of this entry »

$10 million borrowing for first round of water system projects

From the 2011 Water Quality Report:

In April 2010, the Village hired a consultant with expertise in financial planning for water utilities to complete a water rate study. The study identified the annual estimated expenditures needed to operate the system and compared them with the annual revenues projected to be collected with the current water rates. They determined if the Village maintained water pricing at the current level, there would be a $2.75 million deficit by 2011 which would increase to almost $5 million by 2015. As a result, the consultant recommended that water fund revenues increase by 14% per year over a three year period, beginning in 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Village to roll out three new Utilities

Sore Winner (Pt.1)

First things first. The primary is over and Ron Sandack is the Republican nominee for Representative of District 81. Now we move on to crush any Democrat silly enough to stick their foot in the race, and work hard to elect “other” to the White House in November. Because after the primary we close ranks, right? That’s what Radogno said way back when.

Sandack doesn’t seem to remember what Radogno said way back when. Read the rest of this entry »