DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: An Example?

It can’t happen here…right?


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Just a maybe example of what could go wrong.  This is based on a development proposal that was brought before council last October and was sent back to county as being opposed to by the village.  It was 24 town-homes on 2.75 acres right next to the village.

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DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: T-01-09

Changing the rules.

Inspecting a potential WFH candidate?

T-01-09-Proposed Amendments to the DuPage County Zoning Ordinance relative to Workforce Development Housing (AWFH) Regulations (Request to Send to ZBA for Public Hearing) covers that zoning changes that Sandack and staff are alarmed (concerned?) about.  Downers Grove will word a resolution opposing the changes in the county zoning code this ordinance amendment proposes.  Lombard and Woodridge have already expressed their opposition.

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DuPage County Puzzle Pieces: NSP

Going into the real estates business.

DuPage County’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) pumps a one time federal payment of $5,176,438 into a program designed to “provide funding for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of the many foreclosed homes peppering the neighborhoods of DuPage County.  The county, at it’s discretion, can continue the program past the first year, and put additional funds into the program if it decides to.

At the federal level the NSP was initiated in September 2008 by the Bush administration to help stem the rising tide of home foreclosures.

$150,000 has been earmarked for homebuyer assistance.  That might be where the “workforce housing” idea comes from, helping defray the cost of housing so public employees can live near where they work.

$454,043 is earmarked for county personnel to administer the program.  Although the program is a one time payment, the program itself has a four year life span.

$950,000 is earmarked for rehabbing existing structures.  there is no detailed explanation of how this amount will be spent, but the NSP might have specific guidelines within it’s prodigious rules.

$3,558.796 is earmarked for acquisition.  That’s enough to buy maybe 15 homes, or maybe 60 acres of open land.

The Development Committee, chaired by Kyle Gilgis, vetted this item on April 14.  Ms. Gilgis is from District 3 here in Downers Grove.

A complete overview of the federal NSP program can be found here.

The Planners Progress Continues

Simple is better.

Intricate and arcane permit fees?  After meetings held with builders, architects, and the Chamber of Commerce, after extensive analysis by the Community Development, CD Director Tom Dabareiner proposes to junk them and replace them with simple, easy to understand fees.

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Preservation Plan Moves to Council

Drew House, the first home accorded historical recognition by council.

Drew House, the first home accorded historical landmark recognition by council.

At Tuesday’s workshop another step in the long process of crafting a historical preservation component to DG will, hopefully, be taken.  I can’t imagine that any council member would object to efforts leading to preserving and enhancing our history as exemplified by our buildings that have historical significance.

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College of DuPage Board of Trustees Candidate Forum at Etz Chaim

On Sunday March 22nd at 2:30PM DuPage United will be hosting a College of DuPage board candidate accountability forum at the Congregation Etz Chiam of DuPage County, 1710 South Highland Avenue in Lombard (between Roosevelt and Butterfield Roads).

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DeVry to DG: We’re In

DGreport has the scoop. EDC President Greg Bedelov will report in tonight to council. The list of oar pullers on this one is pretty impressive, from county down through township, council and Chamber of Commerce, Bedelov and the Economic Development Corporation was more like a GC on a complex construction project pulling everything together.

The official village press release  is here.