RLC pt. gazillion

“In our opinion, this would be an invitation to a lawsuit based upon an equal protection violation under the Illinois Constitution,” Korey said in an e-mail to village officials. “In effect, the village would be penalizing one violator $50 and another violator $100 for the same violation.”

– RedSpeed Attorney Martin Korey, quoted in the August 10, 2009 Tribune story Red-light camera company open to two-tiered ticketing- Rolling right turns may net lower fines, flatly rejecting the idea of two tiered fines, a higher tier for running red lights, and a lower tier for rolling-right-turn on red, explaining that residents have a constitutionally protected right to pay $100 for a ticket instead of $50 for a lesser infraction.

He did not say whether the law suit would come from residents demanding a flat $50 for all tickets, or from RedSpeed demanding a flat $100 for all tickets.


Trib Wakes Up On RLC

Today the Trib finally woke up to the nightmare of private for-profit companies that deploy traffic cameras and enter into contracts to ticket for “civil” traffic offenses committed by vehicles, and collect money to make their profit.  Red Light Cameras was the first manifestation of this scurrilous abuse of consent of the governed.

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The Trib also lays out the major players in the unfolding RLC rip-off.

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